"I don't want to eat this!"

Our modern time is characterized by hectic and stress. In patchwork families, children in particular suffer from the fact that their parents have too little time for them. Working parents can't bring their children to school, they hardly have time to help them with their homework, and they often cut back on nutrition.

Ready meals, fast food and unhealthy snacks

Prepared meals, fast food and unhealthy snacks become the rule for the child. These dishes are not only full of salt and fat, they also taste tempting. So it is not surprising if the child can be persuaded ever more heavily to try new courts. Anyone who has often failed to offer their child something new will certainly agree. In fact, children would rather choose the plate with the familiar and beloved hamburger than try an unknown dish. The urge to discover is a natural human characteristic that should also be encouraged when eating.

Success of therapies

The consequences of a permanent, unhealthy diet can be clearly seen and felt in the population. A recent BZgA study, which examined the long-term effects of overweight therapy, came to a sobering conclusion: the data from 1916 overweight adolescents were evaluated, and immediately after the therapy more than half of the adolescents were able to reduce their weight. After one to two years, however, only 14 percent were able to maintain this reduction. The targets set in this context, such as exercise and a healthy diet, could only be achieved by 18 percent of the test subjects. Here you will find an interesting brochure on the subject of "Fast food - eating fast".

More variety on the plate

Parents should take the time to broaden their children's culinary horizons. Offer your child crispy spring rolls instead of the constant spaghetti. Or replace the ice cream for dessert with Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts. If you don't have the time or experience to prepare these exotic dishes, you can easily order them online. Delivery services offer a variety of varied dishes of good quality. If children regularly get to know new tastes, they will be more willing to try new ones. Maybe your child will find a new favourite dish.

How do I get my child to try something new?

If you force your child to eat his broccoli all the time, it will only become all the more queer. Instead of always insisting that what's on the plate is insanely healthy, you should arouse the child's curiosity, explain where the food comes from and, above all, discover this new dish together with him. Even broccoli can become a popular side dish in an interesting and playful way, if not cooked then certainly steamed in a wok with soya sprouts. So instead of warming up the same can of stew again tomorrow, you should take advantage of a delivery service and serve your child something he will otherwise never see.

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