Special Needs Education

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Special needs education

Down Syndrome: From Early Intervention to Abitur

No Down's syndrome resembles another in its appearance and also not in the impairments associated with it. Thus, not all children with trisomy 21 show an equally severely delayed development or limited learning ability. What they all have in common, however, is that they usually learn more slowly and have difficulties with complex, abstract thought processes. Accordingly, appropriate measures must be chosen to support affected children in a targeted manner.

Why is my baby screaming or crying?

... With this question many mothers go to their paediatrician and ask for help and desperately look for clues. Healthy babies cry out to breathe, to express themselves, because they are hungry, have flatulence or other pain, or simply because they are bored.

Club demands: Fewer children per educator

The association Kinderwelt Erzgebirge wants to stimulate the discussion about the care of children in day care centres with an open letter. "We would like that for the children the best comes out and the support is child-friendly , justify Ralf Unglaube, managing director of the association.

Handicraft ideas and Halloween games

On October 31st it's Halloween again! If you walk on the streets, you will see scary figures, witches, devils, ghosts and much more everywhere. It's the night of pranks! So many children go from door to door and demand: "Give trick or treat!

How long can a child watch TV? Tips for parents

Television is part of everyday life for most children and it is hard to imagine life without it. Some parents are concerned that television has a negative effect on their child's development. Other parents, on the other hand, do not see any danger and let the children watch television for hours. The topic "How long can a child watch television" is often hotly debated.

International Children's Day

For the International Children's Day on 1 June there will be lots of parties and small gifts for the children. But who brought the Children's Day into being and why?

Experience autumn with the family

Slowly it is getting colder outside and darker faster. Autumn enchants us with its colourful leaves. This is the most beautiful time, because nature has the most to offer in this season. Children like the change of seasons and don't just accept it as the turn of the year.

Separation children - victims of divorce

The separation of parents is a dramatic change in the family structure. Children need a lot of security, strength and security to cope with this change. And not only children, but all family members need time to survive these changes. Change means that every family member should address the issue of separation.

When overmotivated parents harm their children

In between violin lesson, early English and homework: More and more parents are putting their offspring under enormous pressure to perform out of concern for the future prospects of their children. An entire production industry benefits from this. But the little ones suffer. Experts regard this as an alarming aberration.

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