Bastelideen und Spiele zu Halloween

Bastelideen und Spiele zu Halloween

On October 31st it's Halloween again! If you walk on the streets, you will see scary figures, witches, devils, ghosts and much more everywhere. It's the night of pranks! So many children go from door to door and demand: "Give trick or treat!

History of the Halloween Festival

But where does Halloween come from? Halloween is the English name for "All hallows eve" and refers to the evening before All Saints Day (31 October). Halloween originally comes from England, and not from the USA. Irish immigrants brought the Halloween customs with them to the USA. But Halloween is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Especially children love Halloween and the "creepy hours".

Originally Halloween was the beginning of the autumn festival of the druids in old England and Ireland. The end of the summer fell in England and Ireland at that time on 31 October. People believed that it was the only night of the year when witches and ghosts roamed the earth.

What Halloween costumes do you wear?

One of the most famous characters is the witch with her black cat riding on her broomstick. This is the most striking Halloween symbol and is often worn at parties. A witch costume can be easily put together by yourself. Just put on old clothes, fray a little before. Then borrow an old broom from grandma and put on a big hat. The little witch is ready!
Or simply pay attention to the current offers when shopping. They are substantially more favorable than in the specialized trade.

The cheapest and simplest variant, however, is the ghost costume. For this you only need a white bed sheet. There are holes for the eyes pricked in and possibly still spider webs with a fabric painting pen paint. The small ghost is ready!
Hobby ideas for the Halloween party

When it chills and storms outside, the uncomfortable time begins. Here you can spend time with your children doing handicrafts. Halloween is just around the corner and there's plenty to do and scary!

Pumpkin scratching - fun for young and old

A very famous Halloween symbol is the hollowed out pumpkin which is called "jack-o'-lantern" or simply "pumpkin" in the USA. First you cut the lid off the pumpkin. Then hollow out the pumpkin well with a spoon and cut out the nose, mouth and eyes with a knife. Leave the pumpkin to dry overnight. The next day you can put a tea light in it.
Form creepy ghosts and spiders from fimo or salt dough.

You can make spiders, ghosts, pumpkins etc. from Fimo or salt dough. Then they are painted with fluorescent paint. Then they glow in the dark!

Coloured jam jars

Take washed-out jam jars. These will be painted with glass paint. Then place a tea light inside. The effect is most effective when the room is darkened.

Ghost Balloons

Have your child inflate a balloon. Then it will be firmly knotted. Cut 2 holes (eyes) into a white cloth. Now simply place a white cloth over it and attach it to the balloon (holds well with adhesive strips).
The Flowerpot - Ghost

You stick a shashlick skewer in a champagne cork. Then lay a white cloth (e.g. handkerchief) over it and tie it with a thread under the champagne cork. Now you can paint the ghost!

Of course bats should not be missing either. These are available cheaply in numerous booklets or painting templates. Bats can also be made quickly from clay paper.
Creepy games for the Halloween party

The Mummy

For Halloween, of course, no games should be missing. How about the well-known game "The Mummy"? This is a betting game for children aged 6 and over. Two children get together in each case. One child represents the mummy and one child is the wrapper. As soon as the start signal falls, the wrapper starts wrapping his mummy with a sheet of toilet paper from head to toe. Only the eyes, mouth and nose remain free. Whoever finishes first wins!

Making disgusting slime yourself

This mucus is non-toxic and very easy to produce. All you need is a small bowl. Fill the bowl with 2 cups of water and add a few drops of food colouring. Then add 6 tablespoons of corn starch and stir with a spoon. Now the children can experiment with the slime with their hands. The monster slime is ready! (for children starting from the crib age applicable, since the slime is non-toxic.)
Creepy box (from 6 years)

For this creepy game you need different boxes, knives and materials that feel disgusting (e.g. cold cooked spaghetti, rubber worms, liquorice snails, popcorn, a piece of soft fur, wine gum snakes etc.). A cross is slit into the cardboard lid. Then an object is put into it. Now the room is darkened (this seems more creepy). Now the children, but also adults can prove their courage and reach in!

The apple diving

Place apples in a water-filled bowl. The goal of this traditional game is to get an apple out without using your hands. The player may only use his mouth. Well, then, who will make it? (usable from 6 years on)

More Halloween games can be found at


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