Traumstunde "Sommer im Garten"

Text of this dream hour / relaxation story

Close your eyes. Make yourself comfortable, drop your thoughts and imagine that you are lying on a large and soft mattress in the middle of a beautiful garden.

About you grow bright yellow sunflowers

Left of you there are many bright yellow sunflowers growing. The bees fly happily from flower to flower and collect the pollen. You listen to the bees hum for a moment before you let your gaze wander further through the garden. On the right is a large shrub, full of delicious raspberries. You stretch a little and pick two of these tempting looking fruits. The sweet and fruity taste flows through your body and makes you feel good all around. You enjoy the warm sunrays on your body. A light and pleasant wind blows around your nose and you breathe deeply in and out several times.

Two sparrows have settled on the large apple tree standing in the middle of the meadow, jumping happily from branch to branch and picking a few small insects from the leaves. The tranquillity of nature lets you relax and forget the little worries of everyday life. Now you roll your mattress back together comfortably, clamp it under your arm and stroll home in peace. Summer is the best time of the year after all.

About the authors

Katrin Hennings: "I am a state-approved curative nurse and have an additional qualification as a course instructor in the area of relaxation for children. During my work in the family and handicapped help I could gain different experiences in the areas of perception promotion, basal stimulation and sensory integration. I have deepened these in my pedagogical work and have repeatedly noticed the enormous positive effects that various relaxation methods have on the well-being of children with and without disabilities.

A lack of concentration, stress, fears or an unsatisfactory body feeling can be balanced and improved by simple relaxation techniques, such as a dream journey or a child-friendly relaxation massage. Extensive studies have shown that children can relax more easily than adults. But children also let themselves be guided more by external circumstances and their impulses. Through targeted relaxation, children learn to see relaxation as something valuable and thus better control their impulses - which contributes to a healthy development of psychomotor skills."

Uta Darmer:  "I am a state-approved educator and mother of two children aged 18 and 14. Currently I work in a day care center which is attended by children aged 2 to 6 years. We all know that today more than ever children are exposed to sensory overload and an often hectic everyday life. This makes it all the more important to give them time and space to rest and relax in a child-friendly way. For many years I have therefore been dealing with the subject of relaxation pedagogy and regularly attend further training courses on the subject.

I experience again and again the great enthusiasm with which children get involved in relaxation stories and embark on dream journeys. In these, the big and small experiences of everyday life can be processed in a pleasant way and help children to rest, balance and strengthened concentration."


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Über die Autorin/den Autor
Marcel Saft ist freiberuflicher Dipl.-Technikredakteur (FH).

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