Traumstunde "Stark wie ein Baum"

Text of this dream hour / relaxation story

After a long, exhausting day at school, you are tired and listless on your way home. The sun is low and burning hot down from the sky. You are very thirsty and would like to be at home. You dream of an ice-cold, fruity lemonade with lots of ice cubes. 

You see an old, mysterious gate from a distance

Suddenly you see from afar an old, mysterious gate with an iron gate. You feel magically attracted to it and open it carefully. The gate creaks loudly and is difficult to open. You enter the gate and a beautiful sight opens up for you. Never before have you seen so many different and colourful flowers. Slowly you walk on through the tall green grass and stagnate over the wonderful sea of flowers. You take off your shoes and stockings and walk barefoot through the tall, rustling grass. It tickles your feet pleasantly and you feel the soft ground under you. Deeply you inhale the enchanting scent of the juicy grass, herbs and flowers. The scent lets you become quite calm. You are completely relaxed. You perceive completely different noises and you listen to them interested and attentively ...

Small, colorful butterflies are fluttering around you. A dragonfly has settled on a flower and shimmers in the most glorious colours. Your gaze wanders further into the distance and there you see a big, beautiful tree. This tree must be very old, as you can see from its thick trunk and the countless gnarled branches. The branches stretch far to the left and right and look like arms that embrace you friendly and want to welcome you. You feel safe and liked at this sight. Full of joy your legs start to run. Faster and faster you run towards the open arms of the tree. Nothing and nobody stops you anymore. Your heart leaps for joy. You, too, stretch out your arms and arrive at the tree completely out of breath, embracing its big, thick trunk with all your strength. It feels warm and powerful. Its warmth flows pleasantly through your whole body. Your breath has calmed down again and your heart is beating calmly and evenly. Then you suddenly hear a soft whisper and hold your left ear very close to the tree trunk. In fact, the tree speaks to you with a deep, calm and friendly voice ... listen exactly what he has to tell you.

A smile scurries across your face. Single leaves fall down from the tree and you observe the ease with which they sail down to the ground. You too feel light and carefree. Your gaze wanders further down to the ground and you stare at the many thick roots of the tree. You imagine how they run underground, giving the tree water and food and anchoring it safely and firmly in the ground. With this idea you feel strong, safe and protected and nothing and nobody can harm you in this moment. You breathe deeply and evenly and are completely relaxed. Then it is time to say goodbye to the tree. You press him lovingly once more and then say goodbye to him. The leaves of the branches that hang down to the ground caress your head tenderly as you say goodbye. Full of power you stroll back across the meadow to the gate. For the last time you turn around and it seems to you as if the tree shakes its branches with all its power to wish you goodbye.

About the authors

Katrin Hennings: "I am a state-approved curative nurse and have an additional qualification as a course instructor in the area of relaxation for children. During my work in the family and handicapped help I could gain different experiences in the areas of perception promotion, basal stimulation and sensory integration. I have deepened these in my pedagogical work and have repeatedly noticed the enormous positive effects that various relaxation methods have on the well-being of children with and without disabilities.

A lack of concentration, stress, fears or an unsatisfactory body feeling can be balanced and improved by simple relaxation techniques, such as a dream journey or a child-friendly relaxation massage. Extensive studies have shown that children can relax more easily than adults. But children also let themselves be guided more by external circumstances and their impulses. Through targeted relaxation programmes, children learn to regard relaxation as something valuable and thus to improve their impulses. *** Translated with (free version) ***

Über die Autorin/den Autor
Marcel Saft ist freiberuflicher Dipl.-Technikredakteur (FH).

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