Presentation of the parents' magazine "Spielen und Lernen"

For over 40 years there has been the guidebook magazine "Spielen und Lernen" (Playing and Learning), which is aimed at parents and children. The monthly magazine is published by Family Media GmbH & Co.KG.

Educational questions and tips for shaping family life

Fröbel e.V. has been cooperating with the publishing house Family Media since June 2009 and provides all parents in the Fröbel kindergartens with this guide free of charge.

The magazine is divided into a special parent and the removable magazine "Play with" for children aged 3-7 years. The special parent deals with topics from the areas of education, health and education. Specialized authors and experts answer and advise parents with the typical educating questions and give Tipps for the organization of the family life. Thus parents receive valuable educational information about the promotion of the children in the kindergarten time and in the primary school age. The issues focus on topics such as acclimatisation, starting school, health and nutrition, as well as topics from curative education (e.g. ADHD at school, wetting in childhood).

I find the recommendations of the television program for the parents, which appears in every issue, very nice. Parents also receive information about the age at which the animated film series is suitable. Current cinema and DVD films, radio and podcast tips are also presented here. Additionally educational books, plays and media are presented.

The practical parent is invited to do handicrafts and cook together. This always depends on the seasons and festivities. The recipes are very tasty and simple. I have already cooked and prepared one or two recipes with the children in kindergarten here and there.

In the magazine "Spiel mit", which is aimed at children, there are suggestions for handicrafts, small puzzles, animal portraits, baking recipes, first reading texts and games in every issue.

Here you can subscribe to this magazine:

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Über die Autorin/den Autor
Diana Saft ist staatlich anerkannte Heilpädagogin und Heilerziehungspflegerin. Sie sammelte bisher Erfahrungen in einem Seniorenheim, in einem Wohnheim für Menschen mit Behinderungen, in einem integrativen Kindergarten und in einem deutschen Kindergarten in den USA.

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