Make a cheap lantern in the kindergarten

If you want to make lanterns at a reasonable price in kindergarten or at home, you need the following materials:

Materials list

  • empty milk packs
  • Sound drawing paper
  • wax crayons
  • Eating oil
  • Crepe paper
  • Tinkering wire
  • teal lights


  1. The bottom and an approx. 2-3 cm wide ring are cut off from the milk cartons.
  2. Then cut the sheets of drawing paper once lengthwise in the middle.
  3. The children now paint the drawing paper with wax painters.
  4. The back of the clay paper is rubbed with cooking oil. Simply remove excess oil with a piece of crepe paper.
  5. The tone drawing paper is first glued around the bottom.
  6. Then the ring is glued into the upper part of the lantern.
  7. Finally, holes are cut, wires are put through and tea lights are inserted. The lanterns are ready and you can move!
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