Creation of an autism blog

My special interest autism and the establishment of an autism blog
For one year now, I have been a state-approved bachelor special needs teacher (curative teacher) in Berlin. I have been working for almost two years as an individual case assistant for two children with autism and was also involved in a research project dedicated to the concerns, lifestyles and support needs of aging parents with adult sons and daughters living at home.

Especially in this period of my active professional career ...

... I rediscovered my predilection for autism and began to deepen my knowledge. At the same time, through my work in the research project, I have been able to gain valuable insights and insights into good and respectful parent and family work, which are very helpful for my individual work with the families.

I find the phenomenon of autism to be a challenging and very exciting field of work, which requires a lot of commitment and creativity and the courage to think outside the box. Nothing is more exciting for me than to constantly research with the families and especially with the children individually suitable solutions, and then make them applicable. It is an exciting detective work and adventure journey into the depth of understanding for the peculiarities of autism.

Enhancement of expertise

Last year, I attended several symposia and a basic course and gained a lot of further knowledge in the field of the autism spectrum. With the help of the blog I would like to prepare and present in the future the technical topics to the autism and my impressions, so that they can benefit also others, which could not participate in those technical meetings. In order to keep the clarity clear and not to stretch a single blog post too much, I will write topic-related posts and title them accordingly so that the corresponding connection to a previous post becomes recognizable.

International symposium

First, I will present the international symposium "Autism Today - New Perspectives, International Developments" with all its topics and contents and thus give insights into current insights and discussions. Since I can already foresee that the contents of the conference cannot be well presented in one article alone, I will distribute the symposium over several articles and title them consistently.

I am curious to see how this form of specialist diary will develop and would like to take this opportunity to call for constructive comments to enrich and round off the contributions.

Sincerely, Katja Driesener

Über die Autorin/den Autor
Katja Driesener schloss 2012 ihr Bachelor-Studium Heilpädagogik erfolgreich ab. Sie betreut im Rahmen der Einzelfallhilfe Kinder mit Autismus innerhalb ihrer Familien und ist als Schulhelferin tätig. Im Autismus-Bereich bildet sie sich intensiv weiter. Vor dem Studium absolvierte sie eine Ausbildung zur Heilerziehungspflegerin.

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