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The internet project bidok - bdisability inklusion dokumentation was founded in 1997 at the Institute of Educational Sciences at the University of Innsbruck.

disability inclusion documentation 

The Internet project deals with the topic of integrative/inclusive pedagogy and disabiliy studies. The main task of the project is the processing of subject-specific articles in the field of integrative pedagogy in an Internet full text library.

The focus here is more on the so-called grey literature, i.e. unpublished papers, manuscripts, conference reports, discussion papers, publications by small publishers, out-of-print texts and books, articles from various journals e.t.c. The library contains approx. 1500 digital full texts on the 16 subject areas: Working Environment, Disability Studies, Eugenics, Gender Difference, Culture, Living Space, Psychosocial Work, Law, School, Self-Determined Life, Sexuality, Theoretical Foundations, Therapy, Preschool. The Bidok provides complete texts and not only partial excerpts on the Internet.

In addition, the Bidok offers e-learning opportunities as part of a learning platform.

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Über die Autorin/den Autor
Diana Saft ist staatlich anerkannte Heilpädagogin und Heilerziehungspflegerin. Sie sammelte bisher Erfahrungen in einem Seniorenheim, in einem Wohnheim für Menschen mit Behinderungen, in einem integrativen Kindergarten und in einem deutschen Kindergarten in den USA.

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