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Special needs education

Disabled people also want to enjoy sexuality

Breaking taboos was the aim of the international congress "Enthinderte Sexualität" (Disabled Sexuality) in Linz. The legs are paralyzed, the heart is not. They are people with feelings, needs and the desire to touch a loved one.

Better job opportunities for the disabled

The labour market situation of disabled people in Rhineland-Palatinate has improved considerably. This is the result of the third report on the situation of handicapped people presented by the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Labor Malu Dreyer (SPD) on Thursday.

ADHD: Diagnosis instead of understanding?

The ADHD madness does not end, furthermore approx. 10 per cent of the primary school children in Germany, above all boys, get medicines.

The critical opposition to the "ADHD"-diagnosis is scientifically confirmed more and more. The reductionistic and biologistic explanation proved as expected as outdated and the phenomenological, holistic view of spirit, body and world was confirmed.

Faster pills for restless children - Therapeutic bankruptcy and danger to the welfare of thousands of children

The intention of the AWMF, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften e. V., to revise the ADHS treatment guidelines with the aim of enabling a faster use of psychopharmaceuticals proves the fact, criticised for years by the ADHS conference, that the biological-medical approach to "ADHS" is largely helpless in real causal work and has nothing to offer therapeutically other than pills.

What helps children with concentration problems

Concentration originally means leading something to the center. It is about focusing attention on a task or achieving a goal. This is a complex process that needs to be continuously trained in children. External influences play an important role. But what possibilities are there to promote concentration?

Sand vests in ADHD diagnosis no substitute for appropriate treatment

The ADHD Conference warns against regular use of sand vests in children with ADHD diagnosis. This can distract from the actual difficulties and further stigmatize the affected children. Pediatricians demand that sand vests should not replace sustainable treatment. This is followed by the ADHD conference.

Dream Hour "Fairy Visit"

Close your eyes and imagine walking through the park on a beautiful, warm summer day. You have your favourite book and a cuddly blanket with you. The meadows look so green and juicy that you feel like taking off your shoes and stockings.

Dream Hour "Journey to the Moon"

It's cold winter. You lie snuggled up in your bed. Your fluffy blanket keeps you warm. You feel protected and safe. The moon shines into your room and makes it shine brightly. Small, cute glittering stars dance joyfully around it. 

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